Frequent Asked Questions

What are my Payment Options?

Only Debit/Credit cards will be accepted and set up on Autopay.

Where can I find my monthly bill?

You will receive an invoice at the end of each month to the email that we have on file. If you are past due, you will receive scheduled notices sent by email with amount due.

Can I change the date my payment is automatically withdrawn?

Payments are withdrawn on the FIRST of every month after midnight.

Can I make a one-time payment?

No, you are set up on Autopay to the card we have on file.

What happens if my payment is declined?

You will receive a "Credit Card Failure Notice" to the email we have on file, and a Credit Card Failure Fee will be added. Past Due Fees will continue to be added until full payment is made.

How do I catch up on payments?

Go to Update Credit Card Payment will be run for total amount due. (no payment plans accepted)

How do I know if my payment been received?

You can request a payment receipt by going to Contact Us.

What should I do if I cannot log on to my account or What if my email is tied to multiple accounts?

You MUST use the email we have on file. You MUST have a good internet connection. If you forget password or do not have one, follow website instructions. If error message, go to Contact Us and state the error message you received.

What if my key does not open my lock or I have lost my keys?

Go to Contact Us and request a "Cut Lock Authorization" form.

I am no longer in need of my storage unit.


To avoid Auction of your unit because your account is past due, promptly respond to the "Notice of Default" or "Notice of Default and Lien" letter that was sent to the last known email and/or mailing address that we have on file for you.